Our principles govern how we approach a project. We believe in service. Our commitment is to act as fiduciaries to our clients and the community. In a world of increasing complexity and competition, we strive for simplicity and clarity. 

1. Equality  Our cities must serve everyone. Sex, gender, race, age, sexual orientation, origin, caste or class, income or property, language, religion, convictions, opinions, health or disability must not result in unequal treatment. 

2. Ecology  Buildings and communities must regenerate and sustain the health and vitality of all life.

3. Beauty  The production of beauty in our communities is to enthuse us for work, and work is to raise us up.

4. Teamwork  Creation involves teamwork. In addition, research has become consolidated as a new feature of the architectural creative process.

5. Empirical  Good design asks questions. It is the record of one’s direct observations and provides a repeatable system for innovation.

6. Culture  Regional design as a style is an expression of its own geographical and cultural context as well as its design traditions. Its bond with nature complements and enriches this relationship with its environment.

7. Computation  As has occurred in most fields of human evolution through the ages, new technologies are a resource for the progress of design.

8. Materials  All materials have the same architectural value, regardless of their price.

9. Media  Design must consider how new forms of media, communication and machines are affecting our interaction with one another, our communities and the natural world. 

10. Scalable  Architectural innovations may start small at the scale of an individual room or building and expand to address the needs and problems of larger segments of society.

12. Iterative Design solutions happen by testing, seeing what what works and incorporating changes over time. 

13. Experiments  Experiments fail but ideas from them can be saved and recycled to solve other problems. 

15. Global The network of products, services, capital and labor is global. Decisions about a local project must be made in the context of global pressures.

16. Heterogenous Each project is unique. Aesthetic outcomes are based on a specific site, team, economic and political condition, not predetermined styles.